About Us

MADANE GROUP a Moroccan company based in Agadir City-Morocco , leader in the production of IQF fruits and vegetables for food industry, founded in 2010 by Mr. Fahd Madane, Thanks to technical knowledge and experience of its founder on agro-industrial combined with a growing demand of high quality.

We offer the maximum level of quality, adapting to customers needs with a confidential and personalized service , Our traceability program allows us the supervision of the process from the origin to the customer.

Our Production Site based at Moulay Bousselham in the heart of the most important strawberry production area of Morocco.

Since 2010, Our goal is to enable all people, wherever they are to have the benefits of health and beauty of the Moroccan products.

Clearly we develop production and commercialisation strategy and take full responsability on the business decisions, Which makes us able to made the difference and guarantee the quality from production to sale.